About Bizsoft

Bizsoft:- A Complete ERP Software for Accounts, Inventory and Payroll. BizSoft has been designed and developed by consulting industrial and management professionals. The software has been designed keeping in view the requirements of all types of business organisations. The software is a result of valuable inputs provided by industrial consultants and the dedicated approach at Qualsoft Technologies.

The software is very user friendly and simple to operate.Novel and Innovative Software products for industrial and management professionals for effective functioning of their industrial, work ,Accounts Management and Inventory/ Stores Payroll & Purchase.The Software provides business with powerful features for any type of private and public enterprise in the country and abroad.

    Why Bizsoft?
  • Increase the speed of operation.
  • Interlink all the Departments.
  • Follow international practices adopted world over.
  • Concentrate on core business and leave data management tasks to Bizsoft.
  • Take quick decision as data available on a single click.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Track frauds and malpractices.
  • Check performance of employees.
  • Avoid duplication of work.
  • Move towards paperless Office.
  • Track receipts and payments.