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QS Digital Language Lab

With the advent of Information Technology, the world has converted into a Virtual Global Village, communicating effectively and precisely is the key to success. The International Language has been set as English and for us the English language is often considered as a barrier for effective communication whether it is doing business with foreign nations, pursing academic goals overseas or taking-up lucrative job offers where your technical skills are ideally suited but your language skills are not. Communication implies carrying of message or receiving of message. Students from various cultures feel hard to learn English and its proficiency. The thirst of English language learning needs some solution.

Kye Featues Of Digital Language Laibrary:
Offline and web-enabled options
Flexible and easy to use
Attendances tracking
Students Evaluation Over 2000 interactive lessons or 5000 hrs Data
Supports lessons in text / audio / video formats
Easy customization of lessons and levels by instructor / Admin
Graphical representation of student performances
Comprehensive reports
Instant scoring
Choice of questions
Dictionary for easy reference
Modules for grammar and vocabulary

QS Digital Language Lab:

Acoustics:- QS DLL gives all the students equal opportunity to hear the teacher and vice versa irrespective of their seating arrangement with ease and level set by the teacher.

Privacy:- The headset/microphone gives the student atmosphere of privacy and encourages the introvert students helping to enhance their speaking ability. The teacher can guide to a single or group of students separately without disturbing the rest of the class.

Attention:- QS DLL allows the student to listen to the program stimulus individually, each student's attention is focused on the program material being studied, ultimately increasing the attention span of the student.

Developing Listening Skills:- QS DLL helps the students to develop good listening skills and helps the process of communication. Students hear the correct language patterns all the time through their headsets instead of mimicking other students who may be pronouncing incorrectly.

Self-Pacing:- The students may work through the lesson material at a pace suited to their ability.

Native Speaker/Different Voices:- QS DLL provides students with a variety of model voices rather than just the voice of the teacher. The Model Voice feature allows a native speaker to converse and be used as a model voice subject for the rest of the class.

Efficiency:- The teacher can monitor individual students much more efficiently than in a regular classroom students can communicate with teachers without interruption. Simulteneously a teacher can interact with more than one student at a time effeciently.

Oral Testing:- This facilitates the teacher to test the student with a question or stimulus and only record the student’s answer.