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Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.

An ISO 9000:2003 Certified Company

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Qualsoft a brand on a voyage of empowering the IT world with innovative ideas based on impeccable research, executing the services with pin point efficiency. With continuous introduction of newer technologies, new challenges and opportunities are likely to come up which can be dealt with appropriately and efficiently by insightful and dedicated staff with plenty of years’ experience.

Foundation of our company is basically scaling the organization by getting the right people in the right places to do the right role our foundation includes qualified, skilled and well trained work centric staff.

Fulfilling the customer’s requirements with utmost care Qualsoft is moving ahead to be an obvious choice for our growing sphere of customers. Our customers are our brand ambassadors and we value their assets.

Qualsoft is one of the companies that are giving a choice to its clients to select the products as per their choice, the products can be installed on their desktops, they can use the product as a service from the cloud SAAS, or a combination of both.

Qualsoft is providing a suite of software integrated around a common database to ensure our clients a significant productivity gains compared to our competitors. And when clients are ready they can choose to move to the cloud, or simply snap-in specific cloud services to their existing software environment without disruption.

At Qualsoft we had a diverse customer base and have built a reputation for developing and designing high quality software, and providing on time, prompt and efficient customer support service, which can be avail by telephone, email and online, our customers are welcome to contact us as often as they wish.

Our Foundation stone was laid in year 2007, since then we have became a global software company involved in the development of state of the art ERP, SaaS - Cloud Computing Applications, Mobile Applications & Web Solutions which are robust, scalable and secure.

We operate right across U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, Asia-Pacific , Middle East and India.

Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.