Partner With Us

If you want to capitalize on one of the fastest growing markets by delivering software solutions to educational institutions, small businesses and midsize companies, the program for channel partners is for you. Whether you're a Software Reseller, Hardware Vendor, Networking Service Provider, Independent Consultant, etc.

The position we enjoy today is due to our effective Channel Partner Program that is simple, flexible and profitable!

We ensures that our Channel Partners are backed with product knowledge via regular training and partner programs, to increase market penetration in their region and to maximize profits with the opportunity to grow together with us.

You can choose the Program that fits your business model.

Channel Partner Program Comparison Chart

  Premier Channel Partners Alliance Channel Partners Referral Channel Partners
Program fee Yes No No
Minimum entry Requirements Yes Yes No
Contract Yes, with QSPL Agreement with QSPL or authorized QSPL Premier channel partner No
Ongoing requirements Yes No (unless defined by authorized QSPL Premier channel partner) No
Dedicated program enablement portal Yes Yes Yes
Rewards Tiered program levels with continuous deepening rewards & benefits Sales commission and/or implementation revenue defined by authorized QSPL channel partner Percentage of license revenue for successfully converted leads
Transaction of QSPL software licenses Yes No No
After Sales Support Responsibility Yes No No

For more information about the Channel Partner program please mail us at :