Psychiatrist Hospital Managment Software

About Psychiatrist Hospital Managment

QUALSOFT's offering a Psychiatrist Hospital Managment Software service.

Qualsoft Electronic Medical Records Hospital Management System consists of
  • O.P.D.
  • I.P.D.
  • Investigations and Pathological Lab
  • Inventory / Stores
  • Financial Accounting
  • Personnel Information Systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Security (User Access Rights)
  • O.P.D. Counter
  • Clinical History
  • Personal History
  • Chief Complaints (Reported by Patient/Informent)
  • History of Present Illness (Medical/Pychological)
  • History of Past Illness (Medical/Pychological)
  • Family History
  • Personal History (Developmental/Educational/ Occupational/Marital/Pyschosexual)
  • Mental Status Examination (Behaviour & Psychomotor Activity, Mood and Affect, Perception, Thinking, Sensorium, Memory, Intelligence, Insight, Judgement)
  • Social History
  • Physical Examination
  • Investigations (Medical/ Pyschological)
  • Therapeutic Plan And Admission to IPD
  • Treatment & Follow-ups
  • O.P.D. Schedule
  • Fee Collection
  • Reference from Other Doctors
  • Reference to Other Doctors
  • Medical Certificate.
OPD Reports
  • O.P.D. Register
  • Alphabetical Register
  • Patient's File (Case Paper)
  • Patient's visit Report
  • Doctor's List
  • Doctor's Reference Report
  • Diagnosis Reports
  • Treatment & Follow-ups Report
  • O.P.D. Schedule Report
  • Medical Certificate
  • Daily Fee Collection Report
Search Engines For searching Patients
  • Surname wise, first name wise, middle name wise
  • Sub- caste wise, caste wise, religion wise
  • Profession wise, Income group wise etc
I.P.D. Management:
  • Admission Card
  • IPD Patients Record
  • IPD Rounds
  • IPD Fees Management
  • Discharge Card
  • VISUAL Wards and Bed Allocation
IPD Reports:
  • I.P.D. Register
  • IPD Round Report Patient wise.
  • IPD Round Report Date wise
  • IPD Round Report Ward wise.
  • Patient Treatment Report.
  • Days completed Report.
  • Discharge Card Report.
  • Ward wise List
Investigations and Pathology Lab Management

Keeping in mind the special Requirement of this section, it is designed such that any type of Test can be performed in future. The user has the flexibility to design any new test. Needless to mention that following tests can be performed Blood, Urine, Kidney function, Thyroid function, Lever function Test. X-Rays, Sonography,EEG, ECG, Etc.

Inventory with Store Management:
  • Vendor items
  • Purchase Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Material Receipt Note
  • Purchase Bill